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Simulated Phishing Platform

Helps You Manage The Ongoing Problem Of Social Engineering

Build Your Human Firewall - Your Last Line Of Defence

Old-School security awareness training doesn't hack it anymore. Today, your employees are frequently exposed to sophisticated phishing and ransomware attacks.

Baseline Testing

We provide Baseline testing to assess the Phish-prone percentage of your users through a free simulated phishing attack.

Train Your Users

The World's largest library of security awareness training content; including interactive modules, videos, games, posters and newsletters. Automated training campaigns with scheduled reminder emails.

Phish Your Users

Best-in-class, fully automated simulated phishing attacks, thousands of templates with unlimited usage and community phishing templates

See The Results

Enterprise-strength reporting, showing stats and graphs for both training and phishing, ready for management. Show the great ROI !!

The System Really Works

With KnowBe4's massive database, we analysed over 9.5 million users over the course of at least 12 months and our 2022 research continues to uncover alarming results. The overall industry initial Phish-prone Percentage benchmark increased to 32.4%, up one point from 2021.

Fortunately, the data showed that this 32.4% can be brought down to 17.6% within 90 days after deploying new-school security awareness training. The one year results show that by following the best practices, the final Phish-prone percentage can be minimised to 5% on average.

Source : 2022 KnowBe4 Phishing by Industry Benchmarking Report

Note : The initial Phish-prone Percentage is calculated on the basis of all users evaluated. These users has not received any training with KnowBe4 console prior to the evaluation. Subsequent time periods reflect Phish-prone Percentages for the subset of users who received training with the KnowBe4 console.

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